So much hangs on the outcome of November's races—solving the climate crisis, enabling local Maine farms, not out-of-state agribusiness, to increasingly feed our state, protecting Maine's lakes, and much, much more. Environment Maine has endorsed a slate of strong environmental leaders, including Mike Michaud for governor, Chellie Pingree and Emily Cain for Congress, and 24 candidates for the Maine Legislature.

Mike Michaud for Governor

The stakes could not be higher in the race to determine Maine’s next governor.

Gov. Paul LePage has spent nearly four years dismantling the programs and policies that protect Maine’s environment and natural resources. 

From trying to throw open the North Woods to development in his first days in office to causing Statoil to pull out of the state, abandoning its plans to develop the first-of-its-kind off-shore wind project—which would have been “like attracting Apple, GM, or Google to Maine”—Gov. LePage has been nothing short of a disaster for Maine’s environment. [1]

Given how much is on the line, Environment Maine has a big responsibility to help elect a new governor who will stop all of the backtracking and move forward with an ambitious vision to protect Maine’s natural legacy and transition our state to clean energy.

That’s why Environment Maine has endorsed Mike Michaud to be Maine’s next governor.

Mike first ran for the Maine Legislature at the age of 24 to clean up the Penobscot River, which was being polluted by the paper mill where he worked. [2] He has a 100 percent voting record on the environment this session from our federation, Environment America, and a 92 percent lifetime score over his six terms in Congress. [3] He has an impressive vision for a clean environment and sustainable energy future for Maine, and he’s the candidate who can go head-to-head with Gov. LePage and win.

The latest polls show Mike Michaud and Gov. LePage are neck-and-neck. [4]

And you can be sure that out-of-state corporate interests, like Big Oil, will flood our state with slick mailers and ads for Gov. LePage in this high-stakes race—one of the most top-watched in the country.

Volunteer today.

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Maine Legislature

We also need a strong Legislature to make progress on Maine’s environment. We focused our state legislative endorsements on races in which educating and mobilizing Environment Maine members and the broader public in support of a clear pro-environment candidate could make a difference.

State Senate: Ted Koffman, SD 7; Geoff Gratwick, SD 9; Jonathan Fulford, SD 11; Chris Johnson, SD 13; Nate Libby, SD 21; Eloise Vitelli, SD 23; and Catherine Breen, SD 25;

State House: Don Marean, HD 16; Bill Noon, HD 19; Dwight Ely, HD 28; Anne Graham, HD 46; Wayne Werts, HD 63; Bettyann Sheats, HD 64; Christine Powers, HD 68; Rachel Sukeforth, HD 82; Gay Grant, HD 83; Charlotte Warren, HD 84; Monica Castellanos, HD 86; Timothy Marks, HD 87; Mick Devin, HD 90; Christine Burstein, HD 96; Karen Kusiak, HD 108; Ann Dorney, HD 111; and Bob Duchesne, HD 121.


To work for us in Washington, Environment Maine has endorsed Chellie Pingree for the first Congressional District and Emily Cain and for the second Congressional district.

Rep. Pingree has a 97% voting record from Environment America, our federation, over her three terms in Congress. [5] From being a leader in Congress on sustainable agriculture to championing clean energy, she is one of the strongest environmental leaders in Congress.

State Sen. Cain has a 91% voting record on the environment during her 10 years in the Maine Legislature. [6] She has a strong track record of fighting to protect Maine’s environment.

Join us today in helping to elect these pro-environment candidates!


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