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Federal Judge Rules Endangered Species Act Case Against Brookfield Power Can Go Forward

A federal judge in Maine ruled today that an Endangered Species Act (ESA) lawsuit brought by conservation groups against Brookfield Power U.S. Asset Management, LLC (Brookfield) and an affiliate, Hydro Kennebec, LLC, can go forward.

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Coalition Sets the Record Straight on Clean Energy

Maine Citizens for Clean Energy, a growing nonpartisan coalition of people and organizations committed to strengthening Maine’s energy independence, keeping Maine’s air clean and healthy, creating jobs, increasing energy efficiency, and attracting new clean energy businesses to Maine, responded tonight to Gov. Paul LePage’s State of the State Address.

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Maine Citizens for Clean Energy Expects Lower Electricity Costs with Ballot Initiative

Maine Citizens for Clean Energy released information today that shows a decrease in Maine ratepayers’ electric bills if a ballot initiative designed to increase energy efficiency and renewable energy passes in November.

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Coalition Concerned LURC Reform Proposal Headed Off-Track

Members of a broad coalition of conservation and planning groups are raising concerns about reforms proposed for the Land Use Regulation Commission (LURC) and how those reforms are being addressed in the Legislature. Maine's legendary North Woods - the anchor of our forest products and tourism economies and our natural outdoors heritage - stands to pay a high price.

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LURC Task Force Recommendations Threaten North Woods' Future

Department of Conservation Commissioner Bill Beardsley presented the findings of the LURC Reform Commission to the Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry. The task force’s report recommends that the Legislature alter and significantly weaken LURC, rolling back 40 years of protections for the North Woods.