Maine floating turbine research on track as new report pushes offshore wind

A consortium of environmental groups released a report Thursday touting the value of offshore wind power along the Atlantic seaboard and urges federal and state governments to act aggressively to support its development, even as Maine researchers are moving toward placing a scale model of a floating turbine in the Gulf of Maine next spring.


Mainers gain on oil-free objective

The sound of heating systems coming to life this month is a rude awakening, following a warm and sunny summer. But it's a sound that's being heard less often in Maine, when it comes to oil heat.

The amount of heating oil burned in Maine homes in 2010 declined to levels not seen since 1984. Consumption has been falling steadily since 2004 and is expected to continue
The total amount of heating oil burned in Maine households was cut by more than half from 2004 to 2010, to about 189 million gallons.


15 reasons the East-West Highway will never be built

An East-West Highway had been proposed and dismissed several times in the past 70 years. Suddenly, it became hot. Just as suddenly, it became cold — well, lukewarm.


Public hearing on expanding BPA ban to baby food, containers

Mothers, doctors, and members of the Alliance for a Clean and Healthy Maine are petitioning the Board of Environmental Protection to expand the ban to apply to baby and toddler food and its packaging.


Push in Maine to ban BPA in food

Maine has already banned the controversial chemical BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups, but now environmental groups are asking to get it out of food, too.