CHARTS: On Wind Power, China Kicks Our Butt

Despite recent strides toward climate action, China is still the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases and one of the biggestconsumers of coal —and hence the archetypal global warming scapegoat. But on at least one count, a new study says, China is kicking America's butt, and probably will be for decades: wind energy.


Editorial: wind tax credit is an easy call

If Congress wants to boost its abysmal public image, it could start by getting its business donebeforecries of panic begin to rain down upon it.

It could pass a budget when a budget is supposed to be passed.

It could deal with the deficit before the nation finds itself on course to endure a fifth straight year of more than $1 trillion in red ink.

And, on a much smaller scale, it could extend the production tax credit for wind energy before it actually runs out at the end of the year and plunges the industry into a trough of stagnation and uncertainty.


Maine ripe for energy-efficiency savings, study says

Maine homes and businesses could trim their overall electricity consumption by 16 percent over the next decade by installing more-efficient lights, equipment and appliances, a new study for Efficiency Maine Trust has concluded.


New wind farm completed in Hancock County

 A new, 19-turbine wind farm in Hancock County, which has the capacity to supply the average energy needs of 18,000 homes, has been completed.


State puts climate change planning on shelf; towns fend for themselves

A howling storm, tidal surge, downed power lines, beaches swept away, coastal residents evacuated.

Hurricane Sandy?

Yes, but it is also the story of the Patriots Day storm of 2007 along the southern Maine coast.

Experts say both storms are harbingers of yet more severe storms to come, made worse by the effects of a warming climate.