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Marnie MacLean

Maine has already banned the controversial chemical BPA from baby bottles and sippy cups, but now environmental groups are asking to get it out of food, too.

Many of them spoke at a crowded hearing in Augusta Thursday.

Three-year-old Josiah isn't afraid of the microphone but his mom Tracey Gregoire says many other simple things can terrify her son and leave him frantic.

"He can get overwhelmed with different sights, smells, sounds," she says.

She'll never know what caused her son's disability, but points to a study that says 28-percent of learning disabilities are caused by exposure to toxic chemicals, and she believes BPA is one of them.

"BPA is known to be toxic, known to be a hormone disruptor...known to be in our kids food...we should get it out of food packaging," Gregoire says.