Environment Maine
Portland Press Herald
Laura Suarez

The North Woods are currently under fire by Gov. LePage's administration, and few people know about it. As a Mainer, a hiker and a resident, I am disappointed at the little coverage this issue has received.

If it passed, LD 1534, "An Act to Reform the Land Use and Planning Authority in the Unorganized Territories," could abolish the Land Use Regulation Commission, currently protecting the North Woods from rampant and reckless development.

LURC preserves Maine's North Woods, and although critics are quick to point out its flaws, it has long served and proven itself time and again.

Southern Maine families do have a stake in this: hiking, canoeing, fishing, camping and our general tourism industry could all be threatened in the name of big business. The more public support we can build, the better our chances of stopping the abolition of LURC, and therefore the destruction of the North Woods.

This can only come if people learn about these issues. Groups like Environment Maine have been working to educate Mainers, but more efforts need to come, especially from the media. Maine is and always will be Vacationland. Destroying the North Woods will take that away from us.

Laura Suarez