Portland Daily Sun
Craig Lyons

Portland is still negotiating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over violations of the Clean Water Act that occurred between 2007 and 2009 and at the same time moving forward with upgrades to the city's wastewater systems.
City Manager Mark Rees said Tuesday that a settlement with the EPA over the violations is expected to be reached in December. As a part of the negotiations, the city intends to adopt an "integrated approach" to the overflow issues that meets the requirements of the federal government through the storm water, sanitary sewer overflow and combined sewer overflow systems.
"An integrated approach would allow the city to develop a long range plan with agreed-upon priorities addressing the various aspects of sewer and storm water that is both manageable operationally and financially for the city's rate payers. This approach would also ensure that the work and progress made to improve the city's water quality is recognized," Rees said in a statement.