LD 289 requires that beginning January 1, 2020, the sale or distribution in the State of disposable food service containers composed in whole or in part of polystyrene foam will be phoibited.

LD 153 requires all schools to test water used for drinking or culinary purposes for lead using water testing kits or by submitting samples of water to an approved laboratory for lead testing.

Clean energy is coming to more of America's college and universities.

A key protection from mercury, arsenic and other toxic emissions is under attack.

Cities can do more to reverse bee die-offs than you might think.

New, bipartisan legislation could help clean up a major threat to our water.

With the Trump administration expected to move forward soon on its plan to expand offshore drilling...

Earlier this month, a group of legislators from both coasts signed onto a wave of eight bills in Congress aimed at blocking the Trump administration’s offshore drilling plan.

Environment Maine is a part of  Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition (EPC) which includes 34 environmental, conservation, and public health organizations, who have joined together around a Common Environmental Agenda. The EPC represents over 100,000 members in Maine who want to protect the good health, good jobs, and quality of life that our environment provides for all of us. This year Maine's Environmental Priorities Coalition has chosen nine priority bills to focus on including an ambitious clean energy and climate package; as well as proposals to protect Maine's land, water, and the health of our communities.